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Visit the Maritime and Juttersmuseum Flora

woensdag 8 juli 9:30 - 17:30 uur

Discover the maritime past and present in Juttersmuseum Flora. We are the nicest family museum on Texel and also the largest beachcombing museum in the world, with a collection of more than 80 years of beachcombing. You will find various exhibitions with us about the beachcombing, container shipping, the KNRM and the fishing industry. We are more than a museum and there is plenty to see and do for young and old. We have fun quests for the children and there are various games to do. We also have a beautiful extensive playground with climbing equipment, swings and a cable car of 30 meters long. View the "stranded" cutter or crawl into a real rescue capsule. We also have a cozy museum café and a nice souvenir shop. Flora is the winner of the ANWB silver award 2018 “best day out in North Holland”. Listen to exciting beachcomber stories, view the strangest objects and discover everything about beachcombers on Texel. Juttersmuseum Flora: A surprising Tessel experience!

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Type activiteit: Alle weertypes
Reserveringsinformatie: koop u ticket via onze website
Website: https://www.juttersflora.nl

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expositie jutterij expositie jutterij ©Flora

gestrande kotter en reddingscapsule gestrande kotter en reddingscapsule ©Flora

entree museum entree museum ©Flora

met leuke speeltuin met leuke speeltuin ©Flora