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Gardening with nature course

donderdag 7 oktober 19:00 2021 t/m woensdag 24 november 21:30 uur

The course Gardening with nature and insight into garden design. How can you create a beautiful garden hand in hand with nature? That can be a lush natural garden, but just as well a neatly maintained garden. The essence of gardening from nature is that you learn to move with the character of your plants. And ……. gardening with nature is the low-maintenance way of gardening. With a natural garden you will also regularly be on a journey of discovery, nature surprises! The Gardening with Nature course gives you a fresh look at gardening in general. It contains a theoretical introduction to plant species, maintenance methods, garden design and the interplay of lines. In addition, it is a practical course for maintenance and adjustments in the garden. This course is interesting for both the large and the small garden. It gives you the basis to create and manage your own place. The course consists of 3 sessions of 2.5 hours each. Part 1 – Theory; General introduction and furnishing of outdoor spaces, design styles. Part 2 – Theory; Knowledge of trees, shrubs and perennials and herbal mixtures. Part 3 – Practice; pruning trees and shrubs, maintaining perennials and summer flowers. Costs are €120 per person for the entire course or €45 per block. (including course material and refreshments. Dates from 14 Oct and 9 Nov. See website

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Natuurtuin kan je zelf maken, verrassend en toch een nette tuin Natuurtuin kan je zelf maken, verrassend en toch een nette tuin ©Foto: Conradine de Reus