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Daytrip to Vlieland

donderdag 12 september 10:45 - 17:15 uur

A day trip to Vlieland is a whole experience! Via the famous wooden jetty you embark on De Vriendschap. After a beautiful cruise you will arrive at the Vliehors, the largest sandplace in Northwest Europe, also known as the Sahara of the North. The Vliehors Expres brings you with a beautiful trip through this 12 kilometer long wilderness to the Posthuys. There you can continue with a rented bicycle or public transport to explore the cozy island and village of Vlieland. At the end of the afternoon you return to Texel at the Posthuys. Transport with the Vliehors Express is included in the price. Make a reservation online via the website or at "De Noorman" and departure jetty are at Volharding 2a opposite the KNRM building, near beach pole 33 in De Cocksdorp.

Toeristische activiteit: Ja
Type activiteit: Buiten
Reserveringsinformatie: Online reserveren of bij De Noorman
Website: http://www.waddenveer.nl

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Steiger Steiger ©Waddenveer De Vriendschap

Uitzicht vanaf Vlieland Uitzicht vanaf Vlieland ©Waddenveer De Vriendschap

Kaartverkoop De Noorman Kaartverkoop De Noorman ©Waddenveer De Vriendschap

Waddenveer De Vriendschap Waddenveer De Vriendschap ©Waddenveer De Vriendschap


Waddenveer De Vriendschap
Volharding 2a
1795LH De Cocksdorp