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Exhibition Groos in Kleine Boet van Ruud

zaterdag 25 september 8:00 2021 - 19:00 uur

An ode to the diversity in characters such as wallflowers, drift heads, thunder rays and sleepers. That is how Ericka Voortman from Den Burg describes her exhibition 'Groos', which has been on view for a few days in Ruud Bakker's 'small boutique' at Stolpweg 43 near Den Hoorn. That is at the 'great fine' of Ruud where the exhibition Vischwijven by Ericka is held. Groos is a collection of 39 barbies dressed in sheep wool costumes and together form a still life in the small pen. The new installation - an earlier variant of which was already shown during Klifhanger in 2015 - honors diversity in characters as a counterbalance to the flattening of humans. "Because we seem to be well on the way to uniform, predictable algorithmic characters", says Ericka. "Tribute to troublemakers like Jeanne d'Arc." With a sound collage by Severin Candel, Ericka hopes to stimulate visitors to stay longer in the small pen sit and enjoy a moment of 'reflection'. "Who of these portraits are you?" The wool that is used at Groos comes from the sheep of Ruud Bakker. Ericka sometimes helps him with the lambing, making them the wool that she later works with really experiences from the beginning Groos and Vischwijven can be viewed daily. More at www.boetvanruud.nl.

Toeristische activiteit: Ja
Type activiteit: Alle weertypes
Prijs: gratis

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