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Art in Schapenboet

donderdag 14 oktober 7:00 2021 - 19:00 uur

"Vischwijven" is the title of the exhibition by Ericka Voortman in the boutique of Ruud Bakker on the cycle path between the Mok- and the Stolpweg near Den Hoorn. Open daily, free entrance. Booklets and cards are for sale in the pen, with this you support the artist. (From Texelse Courant 9-10-'20) Despite noise from wind and chickens outside the pictures and it is worry indoor sound for a special atmosphere. Filmmaker TreesAnna, who opened the exhibition, pointed out the fine details and layering of the work. The heart of the exhibition is a book about "The New Man" with collages of fish bodies and portraits from old paintings and magazines. Voortman emphasizes timelessness and shows that a theme such as fear, which now has its grip on us during the corona crisis, is timeless. It is therefore no coincidence that Ericka made these collages during the first Lockdown to “not let myself be fooled” and “to listen to Vischwijven's good advice and to have confidence and courage”. She succeeded well, despite the lack of income from her dance lessons and the question of whether visitors would come, she dared to set up the exhibition on her own. In doing so, she managed to transform the fine into a place of peace, reflection and beauty. Together with the 'soundtrack' by Severin Candel, the fine is a "Magical theater for the soul."

Toeristische activiteit: Ja
Type activiteit: Alle weertypes
Website: https://www.hendrikje.nu

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Affiche Vischwijven Affiche Vischwijven ©Ericka Voortman

Interieur van de expositie Interieur van de expositie ©Ericka Voortman