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Minibus excursion through NP Dunes of Texel

zaterdag 25 september 13:30 2021 - 16:30 uur

With a luxury minibus you will go out for an afternoon with a maximum of eight people to search for as many bird species as possible in various bird-rich areas. In collaboration with Staatsbosbeheer and the National Park Dunes of Texel, we offer a half-day excursion through the National Park. We stop at various places and take one or more short walks through the dunes or the forest. The species we see/hear are very diverse; waders in the Slufter and various songbirds and birds of prey in the dunes and the Dennen. The range of varieties varies greatly and partly depends on the season. When a report of a rare species can be deviated from the route in consultation to look for this special bird. Every excursion is different! The excursion starts at 1.30 pm at the Bird Information Center. There we drink a cup of coffee/tea afterwards around 4.30 pm while filling in the species list. . If you do not have binoculars yourself, you can of course borrow one from us. The price for this bus excursion is 40 euros per person. With this money we realize, among other things, new bird viewing points on Texel. Registration for this excursion is necessary. Please note: due to the current corona rules, it is mandatory to wear a mouth cap on the bus.

Toeristische activiteit: Ja
Type activiteit: Alle weertypes
Prijs: € 40 per persoon
Reserveringsinformatie: Vogelinformatiecentrum, Kikkertstraat 42 De Cocksdorp (0222-316249)
Website: http://www.vogelexcursiestexel.nl

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