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Discover Ship in Sight at Kaap Skil

zaterdag 25 september 10:00 2021 - 17:00 uur

The Ship in Sight exhibition adds a whole new dimension to the model of the Reede van Texel. Discover the central role of Texel in world trade in the seventeenth century! The films, stories and images bring the ships and their journeys to life. Museum Kaap Skil rewrites the history books: it was not the VOC that was the most important, but the navigation on the Baltic and Mediterranean. Much more money was involved in the grain, wood, wine, and silk trade than in the Far East trade. The merchant ships all anchored on the Reede van Texel, as did the whalers and war fleets. Texel, center of the world! To visit Museum Kaap Skil, reservations are required. You buy your ticket with a time lock on kaapskil.nl. Museum card holders must also reserve a time slot for € 0.50.

Toeristische activiteit: Ja
Type activiteit: Alle weertypes
Prijs: Entree Museum Kaap Skil: volw € 9,75, kind € 7,00. Museumkaart gratis
Reserveringsinformatie: www.kaapskil.nl of 0222-314956
Website: http://www.kaapskil.nl

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