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Texel Cruiser e-scooter rental

donderdag 12 september 9:00 - 18:00 uur

Tough touring the island of Texel! With the Texel Cruiser you can enjoy the island of Texel in a fun way. At Texel we immediately think of the beach, but there is more. Heather fields, sandy plains, estates and meadows up to the horizon. With the Texel Cruiser you enjoy all aspects of this beautiful and fun island. Because cosiness has also been considered! A real Chopper look Texel Cruisers are electrically powered scooters that allow you to ride Texel relaxed and silently. With the extra thick tires and the wide handlebar, it has a really cool chopper look. At the moment of driving away, a smile appears on everyone's face and along the way you naturally get a lot of attention! Beautiful routes With our fun route you can enjoy everything you see and encounter along the way. With this fun, relaxed, fun and tough outing on the E-Chopper, a smile will certainly appear on everyone's face!

Toeristische activiteit: Ja
Type activiteit: Alle weertypes
Prijs: 30
Reserveringsinformatie: via onze website online reserveren of via telefoon 0222-315555
Website: http://www.texelcruiser.nl

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YExel YExel ©Texel Cruiser

100 % Elektrisch rijden over Texel 100 % Elektrisch rijden over Texel ©Texel Cruiser


Solex Texel
De Vang 33
1792cv Oudeschild

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