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Yoga class

donderdag 12 september 19:30 - 21:00 uur

The lesson is provided by Marielle Glorie, yoga teacher and Ayurvedic Practitioner. Marielle teaches Saswitha Yoga, named after the largest yoga teacher training institute in the Netherlands, where she works as a teacher of Ayurveda. In her lessons she starts from the unity of body and consciousness, where the breath forms the connection. In addition to yoga, Marielle's lessons pay a lot of attention to meditation. How often do we think about what we experienced yesterday or what we are going to do tomorrow? Meditation helps focussing your attention. The lessons last an hour and a half and afterwards we drink a cup of tea together, so that you leave the class fully charged and relaxed.

Toeristische activiteit: Ja
Type activiteit: Binnen
Prijs: € 15 voor een drop-in les. Schrijf je je voor een jaar in, betaal € 9,25 per les.
Reserveringsinformatie: Neem contact op met Marielle Glorie via info@sukhatexel.nl of 0612209319.
Website: http://www.sukhatexel.nl

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