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Seal trip on the Wad

donderdag 12 september 12:00 - 13:15 uur

As the only passenger ship, De Vriendschap sails around in this unique part of the northern Wadden Sea. Thanks to the calm in the area and the high, steep sandbanks, large groups of seals like to crawl on the dried plates, to enjoy the sun and rest. They are familiar with the blue silhouette of De Vriendschap and the ship can approach the animals closely. Did you know that this area is the only place near Texel where you can still see large groups of seals? Do you want to be sure that you see seals? Robbentocht with 100% seal guarantee. The tour lasts around 75 minutes. For questions you can always contact the sailor. Daily departure until September 29, in October depending on the weather conditions. Book online! For current and additional departure times see the website.

Toeristische activiteit: Ja
Type activiteit: Buiten
Reserveringsinformatie: Online reserveren of bij De Noorman
Website: http://www.waddenveer.nl

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Zeehond op het Wad Zeehond op het Wad ©Waddenveer De Vriendschap

Zeehonden op de zandbank met Texelse vuurtoren Zeehonden op de zandbank met Texelse vuurtoren ©Waddenveer De Vriendschap

Waddenveer De Vriendschap Waddenveer De Vriendschap ©Waddenveer De Vriendschap

Kaartverkoop De Noorman Kaartverkoop De Noorman ©Waddenveer De Vriendschap


Waddenveer De Vriendschap
Volharding 2a
1795LH De Cocksdorp