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Sailing trip with the Loodsbotter Texelstroom

donderdag 12 september 13:00 - 16:00 uur

Sailing with the Texelstroom on the Wadden Sea, a special experience. We will depart from Oudeschild on Saturday afternoon for a wonderful trip across the Wadden Sea. Because we are dealing with ebb and flow on the Wadden Sea, our sailing times vary. For correct departure time, check our website www.texelstroom.nl or our sign on the quay at our boat in Oudeschild. When registering on the ship's telephone 0651794992 you will immediately hear the correct time. The costs are: € 22.50 pp and € 18.00 for children up to 13 years. Coffee or tea and lemonade are served for the children.

Toeristische activiteit: Ja
Type activiteit: Alle weertypes
Prijs: volwassenen € 22,50 kinderen tot 13 jaar € 18,00
Reserveringsinformatie: per telefoon 0651794992 of boek.texelstroom@gmail.com
Website: http://www,texelstroom.nl

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de Texelstroom op zijn mooist de Texelstroom op zijn mooist ©Klaas Wiersma

©Klaas Wiersma